Friday, September 3, 2010

Top 10 SEO ranking tips

Each and every person wants to have his website in the top 10 of the search engine. They will do all sorts of SEO optimization and listen to the tips from the professionals. They get all the tips right but this will not be the correct approach.
Therefore, it is important for you to follow some tips in order to get into top 10 ranking in the search engines.

Research for good niche
You have to develop yourself as an expert in the related field and people will look into our site if you become authoritative over a particular niche.
SEO friendly design
According to the SEO guidelines, plan your site and make it search engine friendly.
Mini Research
Do a little bit of research about the niche you will select, about the competitors, recommended niche etc as this will improve your subject knowledge.
Keyword research
Conduct the keyword research effectively. Do stay away from the competitive keyword as it involves more competition. Do opt for long keywords but you need to be effective.
Unique content
Don’t copy the content from different websites. Do use your language in writing the content in producing unique content. Make your content more interesting and refreshing.
Submit your site to the directories
Present your site to the authority SEO friendly directories to gain link popularity.
Article submission
Write the articles regarding the subject and submit them to SEO friendly article directories such as articlesbase etc. they are surely great source for gaining the link popularity.
Add refreshing content in website
Writing blogs is one of the effective tools to add the refreshing content to the site. Search engines like the websites that are updated constantly.
Promote site offline and online:
Don’t think that the offline promotion is time waste. Do have blend of both offline and offline promotion methods. The promotion activities should always be natural.

Learn about SEO (search engine optimization)
As it is mentioned earlier, you have to implement all the tips and techniques that are related to SEO. Make sure that you are competent with the methods of SEO. Ensure that you always ease SEO work just by using the recommended software. Using of the software will ensure that you complete the automated and repeated things in lesser time and you can spend the precious time in some other work. So do use all the above tips to get into the top 10 ranks in the search engine.

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