Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HVAC Service

Polyteck the leader in facilities services maintenance to modern complex buildings. The company aims to provide a reliable and regular service that will ensure life longevity of the main HVAC plant and lowers the danger of breakdown and loss of production time.

Our maintenance division was formed to provide Facilities Services Maintenance to modern complex integrated buildings. Polyteck has experienced team that is capable of giving the most highly qualified HVAC maintenance London servicing many buildings. The HVAC group includes the best engineers and sub contractors that will undergone proper training in the field of HVAC maintenance services London. To prove their capabilities they design a clever preventative maintenance program for their clients to make them achieve the best performance from their system.

Polyteck provides installation service, energy saving, electricity saving. They usually employs two full time installation crew, that is capable of remodeling or renewing equipment installation. The staff make use of the 14 feet long box vans complete with tooling and material to transitions and fabricate duct in the field.

Polyteck HVAC maintenance service London has a department that check on any facility that you might want to design and have. The designer uses the newest computer software design for retail spaces. The company work together with the stores design team to get the cooling and heating in the areas that is needed, and the has the most reasonable price. If you check out you will find out that the Polyteck replacement equipment costs are very reasonable and competitive.

Polyteck employs full time quality control inspector that has many years experienced in HVAC industry. Polyteck make sure that work was done in accordance with the practices set forth by the company. The communication line with the client are always open to resolve any problems promptly as they arise. HVAC maintenance services London that company provides is among one of the best when it comes to latest techniques and diagnostic training.

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